Water & Sewer

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Telephone / Fax: (207) 223-5028     Emergency #(207) 478-2282

Email: wwd@winterportmaine.org

Office Hours: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday thru Friday

The Winterport Water District is a quasi-municipal water and sewer utility located in Waldo County Maine. The utility district provides public drinking water, fire protection services, & wastewater treatment of domestic sewerage to the citizens of Winterport.

The Winterport Water District is committed to the quality of life and the natural resources that make Winterport a special place to live and recreate. The health of the environment in Winterport is crucial to protecting our water resources. The condition of the natural environment surrounding the Punch Bowl Hill Aquifer affects the amount of treatment that is necessary to provide high quality water to Winterport residents. The Winterport Water District acknowledges the importance that a strong environmental stewardship with the residents of Winterport be maintained to protect our valuable water resources. To learn more visit website

Understanding your water bill

The two charges on your water bill provide the District with the funding it needs to transport clean, potable water to your home, and also to carry wastewater away from your home for treatment and eventual release into the Penobscot River.

Water use charge

Customers are charged on a 'user pay' basis, meaning you only pay for the water you use - the more you use, the higher your water use charge.

billexampleSewer surcharge

Sewer fees on your water bill pay for the ongoing maintenance and operation of sanitary sewer lines, and the treatment and eventual release of wastewater into the Penobscot River. The more water you use, the more wastewater the District has to treat and release. Therefore, your sewage fees are based on the reading of your water meter of your total water charge.

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