Renew Or Register A Vehicle


Winterport residents have the ability to re-register their vehicles using Rapid Renewal, a secure, online service provided by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Residents will need their credit or debit card, previous years registration, and proof or insurance in order to use this service. The site can be accessed here: 


  1. Insurance card for this vehicle
  2. Have the current mileage on the vehicle
  3. Current registration (helpful but not required if the vehicle was registered in Winterport)


  • Dealership Purchase
    1. Bill of Sale
    2. Window Sticker if vehicle is brand new
    3. Title Application (Blue Sheet)
    4. Insurance card for this vehicle
  • Private Sale
    1. Bill of Sale
    2. Title (for all vehicles 1995 and newer)
    3. Insurance card for this vehicle

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