Winterport Historical Association

Located at: 183 Main Street, Winterport, Maine
Mailing Address: PO Box 342, Winterport, ME 04496

Our meetings are on hold due to the pandemic.  If you require access to our collections at any time, please contact John Coggeshall at 223-2543 or 249-3374.

WHA received donations from our members and held several yard sales. The revenue we receive will help pay for repairs to the building. The roof is leaking.  

Interested in the history of our historic town? More River Town History ($20.00) and An Old River Town ($40.00) are available at the Town Office.

The membership fee is $10 per individual.

President: Jon Johansen
Vice President: Judy Cuddy
Secretary: Mardi Coggeshall
Treasurer: Jean DaSilva
Archivist: Ann Johansen
Directors: Manuel DaSilva, Marc Berlin, Doug Ronco

Disclaimer: The Town of Winterport provides links to our residents on our site for educational and informational purposes and by no means are an endorsement by the Town of a candidate, political party, point of view, business, or ideology.