New Non-Emergency Phone number for Fire Department 207-956-4520

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     DOG LICENSES            

                                                                                                   Dog Licenses will be available at Town Office starting October 15, 2022



The Property Tax Stabilization Program is a new State program that allows certain senior citizen residents to stabilize or freeze their property taxes. An applicant MUST be 65 years old or more, a permanent resident of the State of Maine and have owned a home in the State of Maine for at least ten years. Applications are available at the Town Office. They must be submitted no later than December 1st, and if approved their taxes will be frozen at the 2022 rate for 2023. This program as currently passed will require annual applications to be made each year for the freeze in taxes to be maintained. There is no income limit for this program and if you should sell your property and purchase another residence in the State of Maine, your frozen tax rate will follow you, regardless of the new Town's valuation or Mil rate. Any questions regarding this program can be directed to our Assessors' agent, Jackie Robbins ay (207) 852-1840



The new 2022-2023 transfer station permits will be available for purchase starting Monday, June 21, 2022.  The Town Council voted to increase the fee of the permit from $5 to $20 for the 2022-2023 fiscal year in an effort to help offset the rapidly increasing costs of solid waste disposal.  The permits this year are designed to allow the Town to write license plate numbers on them.  This will allow residents to be able to purchase multiple permits, if they own multiple vehicles.  Permits may be obtained at the Transfer Station and the Town Office during regular business hours.  The Town is asking you to please bring your vehicle registration with you when you go to purchase a permit so that the town's staff can verify the plate number and residency before issuing a sticker.  


The town is looking for volunteers to serve on the Land Use Ordinance Review Committee; the Fire Truck Committee and the Board of Appeals.  If interested, please contact the Town Manager at the Town Office to discuss the purpose of each committee as well as to discuss how to obtain an application to apply.  


The Town of Winterport is looking for individuals to serve on the Internet Accessibility/Broadband Committee.  The committee is tasked with gathering information regarding the availability of broadband internet within the Town of Winterport; Identifying deficiencies in coverages. reliability and/or speeds; providing residents with that information; and providing guidance to the Winterport Town Council regarding possible future investments in broadband infrastructure within the Town of Winterport.  If you are interested in serving on the committee, then please fill out the board and committee application that can be found at the following link on the Town of Winterport's website and return it to the Winterport Town Manager at the town office at 44 main street or email it to the town manager at  Please contact the town manager at 223-5055 if you have any questions regarding the committee or the application process.     


The next meeting of the Broadband Committee is scheduled to occur at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 in person at the town office and on Zoom.  Individuals that wish to participate in the meeting using Zoom may use the following link to join the meeting;  The following link may be used to find your local call-in number;   The public is welcome to attend the meeting in person but individuals that wish to attend the meeting in person must wear a mask.  



We live in a beautiful riverside community with miles upon miles of geographically diverse land.  The Winterport Conservation Committee is sponsoring this campaign to make our travels around our community liter free and watch for items in the public setback that need removal.  We invite you to adopt a section of our highways and byways, keep it litter free and watch for items in the public setback that need removal.  You can sign up as an individual, a family, an organization.  And you can see who and where your neighbors are working to keep Winterport the beautiful community it is.  You can sign up by emailing the section of road (from and to markers) you are adopting to  


The Town of Winterport is searching for members to serve on the Town of Winterport's Recreation Board.  There are two regular and one alternate position open.  The purpose of the board is to recommend leisure time programs and facilities for the residents of Winterport.  The board shall provide advice to the Town Council, Town Manager, Recreation Director and other organizations dealing with recreation.

If interested, please fill out the board and committee application that can be found at the following link on the town of Winterport's website  Please fill out the entire application and return it to the town manager at the town office at 44 Main Street in Winterport or email a copy to the town manager at  Please contact the town manager at the town office at 223-5055 if you have any questions regarding the committee or the application process.  


The Winterport Town Council approved the use of a new application form to be filled out by anyone who is looking to build a new structure or dwelling over 100 square feet or that will increase the footprint or add an additional 100 square feet of gross living space to an existing dwelling or structure.  Applications can be obtained from the Code Enforcement Officer or on the Town's website in the Codes & Permits folder under the Government Tab.  



  • Businesses in Winterport
    Businesses in Winterport
  • Businesses in Winterport
    Businesses in Winterport
  • Businesses in Winterport
    Businesses in Winterport
  • Businesses in Winterport
    Businesses in Winterport
  • Old Winterport Commercial House
    Old Winterport Commercial House
  • Steamboat at Winterport Landing
    Steamboat at Winterport Landing
  • Marsh Stream Trestle by Jeff Bray
    Marsh Stream Trestle by Jeff Bray
  • Old Winterport Village
    Old Winterport Village
  • Winterport Union Meeting House
    Winterport Union Meeting House

Welcome to Winterport

Historic Maine Town

Winterport is a small town located in Waldo County, Maine. Incorporated March 12, 1860 and once home to far-ranging sea captains, Winterport retains a 19th century charm that blends well with 20th century conveniences.

Scenic Downtown and Waterfront

Located just 12 miles south of Bangor on Route 1A, Winterport faces the deep and fast-flowing Penobscot River. Older homes, many built for Winterport sea captains, stand along the downtown roadways. Sidewalks encourage people to stroll through the town.

From the historic downtown, where people can find a variety of restaurants and small businesses, visitors can walk the short distance to the Winterport waterfront and watch boats make their way to and from the Penobscot Bay and open waters just beyond.

Rich in Natural Resources

Winterport is fortunate to have abundant natural resources including the Penobscot River, Marsh Stream, numerous brooks, acres of gravel deposits, rolling hills and hardwood forests. Such abundance allows our hard-working businesses to prosper.

A Proud Heritage

The Union Meeting House, built in 1834, is a special meeting place for townspeople.  This building shelters a bell cast by Paul Revere, a belfry clock installed in 1861, and a Masons and Hamlin hand-pumped reed organ installed in 1859.  Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, the Union Meeting House is the subject of ongoing preservation efforts and local pride.

Latest News


State of Maine property tax law requires all property which is subject to property taxation be assessed in accordance with the status of that property on April 1st each year.  Property tax is to be assessed by the municipality where that property is located, according to its value and to whoever owns it, all as of April 1 each year.   To that...

Sam Butler Memorial

"Sam Butler is saluted by some of Winterport's finest as he passes the Fire Station for the last time.   Sam was an invaluable member of both the Fire Department and Ambulance Service for over 20 years.  Day or night, sun, rain or snow, hot and humid or absolutley frigid...he was always there when the call went out.   All the brethren of the...

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