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Public Hearing Notice

A public hearing will be held at the Winterport Town Office 44 Main Street on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 6:50 PM to discuss the following article;

"Shall the Town authorize the purchase by the Winterport Cemetery District of the private cemetery at 103 Lebanon Road, adjoining the Oak Hill Cemetery, shown as Tax Map R12, Lot 28, established in 1898 by John C. Carlton, containing the graves of many Winterport citizens including 20 veterans and historically maintained by the Cemetery District or its predecessors, from the heirs of Beatrice Raymond for a sum not to exceed $3,000.00 approved as part of the current Cemetery District Budget."

This article will appear on the ballot to be voted on at the Special Election/Special Town Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 30th, 2019. 

Diaper Donations

Waldo County Diaper Closet has placed a box in the town office for the donation of diapers and are asking the publics help with providing these needed items.  They are looking for diapers sizes from preemie through size 6.  For further information please call 342-5971 ext. 1021.

Winterport Cemetery District Notice of Stone Repair

The Winterport District Board of Trustees announces that Maine Gravesite Maintenance LLC of Glenburn, Maine, will begin work in Oak Hill Cemetery in June 2019.  Proprietors Stu Kallgren and Sue Dunham of MGM have trained with three of the most renowned stone conservators in the United States, learning how to assess the condition of monuments and headstones and then to clean, repair, level, and restore the stones.

MGM never uses harsh chemicals, bleach, power equipment, or pressure washers.  They are proud to use the same cleaner, cleaning processes and Best Practices required by the National Park Service in caring for the headstones in Arlington National Cemetery.  Their cleaner is not a hazardous material, and is safe to use around plantings. 

MGM also cleans one veteran's headstone free of charge in every cemetery that they work in, and invite local residents to visit and observe anytime they are working.

This notice of cleaning is directed to any persons who may object to work being done on stones in their family lot in Oak Hill Cemetery.  please contact Board Chair Edward C. Russell at or 478-7879, or write to Winterport Cemetery District, PO Box 413, Winterport, Maine 04496 with any objections. 

The Cemetery District sells single grave lots for a total of $300 ($150 for the lot and $150 for perpetual care.) Single grave lots may contain one casket, one casket plus one cremation urn, or two cremation urns. 

2019 Fishing Laws Electronic Edition

An electronic copy of Maine's 2019 Open Water & Ice Fishing Laws can be found online at


  • Businesses in Winterport
    Businesses in Winterport
  • Businesses in Winterport
    Businesses in Winterport
  • Businesses in Winterport
    Businesses in Winterport
  • Businesses in Winterport
    Businesses in Winterport
  • Old Winterport Commercial House
    Old Winterport Commercial House
  • Steamboat at Winterport Landing
    Steamboat at Winterport Landing
  • Marsh Stream Trestle by Jeff Bray
    Marsh Stream Trestle by Jeff Bray
  • Old Winterport Village
    Old Winterport Village
  • Winterport Union Meeting House
    Winterport Union Meeting House

Welcome to Winterport

Historic Maine Town

Winterport is a small town located in Waldo County, Maine. Incorporated March 12, 1860 and once home to far-ranging sea captains, Winterport retains a 19th century charm that blends well with 20th century conveniences.

Scenic Downtown and Waterfront

Located just 12 miles south of Bangor on Route 1A, Winterport faces the deep and fast-flowing Penobscot River. Older homes, many built for Winterport sea captains, stand along the downtown roadways. Sidewalks encourage people to stroll through the town.

From the historic downtown, where people can find a variety of restaurants and small businesses, visitors can walk the short distance to the Winterport waterfront and watch boats make their way to and from the Penobscot Bay and open waters just beyond.

Rich in Natural Resources

Winterport is fortunate to have abundant natural resources including the Penobscot River, Marsh Stream, numerous brooks, acres of gravel deposits, rolling hills and hardwood forests. Such abundance allows our hard-working businesses to prosper.

A Proud Heritage

The Union Meeting House, built in 1834, is a special meeting place for townspeople.  This building shelters a bell cast by Paul Revere, a belfry clock installed in 1861, and a Masons and Hamlin hand-pumped reed organ installed in 1859.  Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, the Union Meeting House is the subject of ongoing preservation efforts and local pride.

Latest News

Sam Butler Memorial

"Sam Butler is saluted by some of Winterport's finest as he passes the Fire Station for the last time.   Sam was an invaluable member of both the Fire Department and Ambulance Service for over 20 years.  Day or night, sun, rain or snow, hot and humid or absolutley frigid...he was always there when the call went out.   All the brethren of the...

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